Call for applications for training in China with full support

                    The President of the AIDEPY, Raymond TACHAGO inform the engineering community that he took part in Libya's Hoon October 30 to 02 November 2009, at an international meeting to finalize a project to strengthen the capacities of African engineers, program entirely funded by the Chinese government.

                The first phase of this program, concluded between China and a group of African countries divided in 5 zones of the continent and gathered in the ''African Engineering Education Association’’ (AEEA), which AIDEPY provides one of Vice-President in charge of the sub-region of Central Africa, runs from November 26 to December 16, 2009, with 25 engineers in Africa fully supported from the airport to the city of residence in Africa, including 04 Cameroonians.

                     Therefore, the President of hereby launches, in urgent procedure, a call for nominations for the selection of four (04) candidates from Cameroon who will benefit from this training in China.

                    The polytechnic engineers interested are asked to contact the Permanent Secretariat of  AIDEPY in the Higher Polytechnic School of Engineering, Building of Industrial Engineering, Tel 22 03 02 30 E-Mail: , no later than on Friday 06 November 2009 at 12am.

                     Successful applicants will be notified the same Friday at 18pm and departure formalities in China will begin immediately.

                      The following specialized areas of training have been identified:

  1. For Vice Chancellors/Rectors/Principals and Deans/Heads of Engineering:
    1. Leadership Training
    2. Project Management


  1. For Curriculum Experts and Programme Leaders:
    1. Pre-Engineering Programme
    2. Research Training
  1. For Other Focus Areas of Importance to Africa:
    1. Information and Communications Technology
    2. Entrepreneurship Studies

                                 Round trip air tickets between the participant’s country of origin international airport in Africa and China, travel in China and accommodation and meals in China will be paid for in full.

                                 Each participant will be expected to submit a MS Word and PowerPoint presentation on engineering education in his/her university, country and sub-region.

                                 For submission, each candidate should send by e-mail his CV, and be sure to update its annual contributions in AIDEPY.


                                               Done in Yaounde on 4th of November 2009

                            The President

                                                                                   Raymond TACHAGO